Development of the biflow pump

Together with a dutch pump manufacture BSM developed the  BiFlow pump this is a bi-directional, in-line ballast / anti-heeling pump. This pump is specially designed for the transport of large amounts of ballast water, where space requirements and piping must be reduced to a minimum to ensure a high system efficiency.
The configuration is completely symmetrical, consisting of two counter-rotating impellers with variable speed. The intergrated motor is submerged and completely integrated with the pump. This configuration ensures a high efficiency and controlled flow in both directions to opposing ballast tanks. The BiFlow can be installed in the double bottom section of the ship, submerged or dry.

  • Capacity: 4,403 – 13,208 GPM (1,000 – 3,000 m3/h)
  • Head: up to 98 feet (30 m)
  • Bi-directional operation In-line assembly
  • Large performance envelope
  • High overall efficiency
  • Symmetrical forward and reverse performance
  • Minimum of space and piping
  • Fast control response Low noise and vibration levels


Development and supply of fish-frendly pump

KSM has in cooperation with Nijhuis pumps developed a fish-friendly pump and built using the latest technologies in the field of engine technology. The fish-friendly pump is located at the south of the village Hoogkerk and the A7 motorway at the bustransferium. The pumping station pumps water from a drainage ditch to the Eelderdiep and this keeps the level in the drainage ditches at a fixed level, so that farmland and small towns hold enough drainage. The construction of the pumping station at the Transferium is part of the redevelopment of several streams and the realization of the nature and the retention Onlanden.

  • Power: 22 kW
  • Speed: 268 rpm
  • Nominal Torque: 784 NM
  • Supply Voltage: 380V
  • Nominal Current: 38A
  • Frequency: 26.8 Hz


Replacement of old motor with gearbox for direct drive PM AC motor

For a project in the west of the Netherlands we developed a special PM AC motor which could replace the exsisting electric motor with gearbox. BSM supplied the motor and the drive for this projecta and also did the commisioning on the electrical instalation in close cooperation with the enduser and the pump manufacture.

  • Power: 90 kW
  • Speed: 130 rpm
  • Nominal Torque: 6612 NM
  • Supply Voltage: 380V
  • Frequency: 26.8 Hz


Several low and high voltage motors suplied to OEM and endusers


– Photo 1 630 frame cast iron supplied to shipowner

– Photo 2 4 pieces aircooled low voltage motors frame 400 450 kw 2 pole for fire fighting sets

– Photo 3 frame 500 6 pole suplied to enduser for hammermill

– Photo 4 2 of total 16 motors supplied for pumps of water treatment plant 6 kV 650 kw 4 pole

– Photo 5 3 of in total 6 560 frames 1200 kw 4 pole suplied to ventilation builder

– Photo 6 frame size 710 V1 watercooled 2200 kw 8 pole supplied for pumping station

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